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Stanford ChEM-H

Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center

To help biologists and clinicians at Stanford incorporate medicinal chemistry into ongoing and/or future research endeavors

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Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center

The Medicinal Chemistry group at the ChEM-H Knowledge Centers brings cutting-edge drug discovery and prototyping expertise exclusively to Stanford labs. Experts are embedded into research groups to contribute to each step of the drug development process, including hit generation, drug design and optimization, and clinical selection.

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Cartoon of evergreen tree wearing blue gloves, red safety glasses, and a blue lab coat with red "Stanford" logo, holding a round bottom flask.

The MCKC is part of the ChEM-H Knowledge Centers, collaborative labs that provide access to a combination of enabling technologies, services and equipment, expertise, and hands-on training by key senior researcher staff to help scientists engage in research at the interface of chemistry and human biology.